Two Dwellings, South Wootton

The project brief was to demolish the existing bungalow and create two dwellings in a staggered position such that House A would be set back from its neighbouring property, Elmhurst House, and House B would be set further back from House A to avoid overlooking the adjacent properties. The site is set within the village development boundary of South Wootton and is within walking distance of the shops and public house on Nursery Lane.

The road mainly contains bungalows and some chalet-style dwellings, which creates the dominant character of the road. However, the site is at the end of Elmhurst Drive and does not directly form a part of the street scene. Hence we proposed two-storey houses which look like a single storey at the front to fit in with the vicinity.

The front elevation contained a brick plinth and traditional brick arches were provided over most windows and doors. The low-pitch roof was provided to minimise ridge height, and the first-floor accommodation was set partially within the roof space to further minimise the ridge height of the dwelling. Furthermore, the first-floor window heads are set at 1.8m from the first-floor level, thus allowing the eaves of the dwelling to be as low as possible to keep the overall height of the building to a minimum.