Residential Development, Methwold

The site is set back from Globe Street. The existing entrance/exit and the concreted yard area were maintained and a tarmac buffer zone was formed between the Courtyard Area and Globe Street. A five-bar gate was installed and set back to allow for a car to pull off the highway fully whilst the gate was opened.

The development was for three dwellings – two new builds and one conversion. The bungalows in Plots 1 and 4 were newly constructed from chalk lump infill with brick quoins around window and door openings and on corners. The chalks were left with their natural finish. The roofs were covered in ‘Norfolk’ clay pantiles. All new windows and doors were dark-stained, double-glazed in softwood timber. All timber boarding to windows and the cart sheds were finished in a dark stain.

The existing barn on Plot 3 was converted. The existing roof covering and structure of the existing barn were removed. The walls were increased in height, gable ends reconfigured and a new roof structure from steel beams and loose-cut timbers were constructed. All materials for plot 3 were kept the same as those for plots 1 and 4. After the conversion, we managed to provide a spacious 3-bedroom family home.