Flats, South Lynn

The site is on the substantial plot on the north-western side of Wisbech Road, King’s Lynn. There are mixed residential estates consisting of bungalows and semi-detached & terraced houses. There is a factory on the opposite of the road.

The proposal was to demolish the existing buildings and to erect a single building towards the rear, providing 22 flats. The new building was designed as U-shaped with a main wing to the rear and two wings projecting towards Wisbech Road. The middle portion of the main wing was three storeys high with accommodation on the roof. The ends of the main wing dropped to three storeys with hipped roofs. The projecting wings were both two storeys high. The design strategy was to minimise the mass, and we achieved this by setting a maximum height of three and a half storeys at the rear and two and a half or two storeys with a roof form at the front. The siting of the building on the plot and design was done in such a way that there were no amenity issues such as loss of light or overlooking. Abundant parking was provided at the front, and the amenity space and landscaped area were at the rear of the site.