Barn Conversions, Salt House

The site is situated on Bard Hill in Salthouse and was a former complex of 17th-century brick and flint barns for hay storage and stables. The project brief was to provide holiday accommodation over a series of barns. We worked with our sister company, Calvert Brain & Fraulo Ltd. We converted two former cart sheds to three bedrooms with minimal intervention to the original shed with infilled timber boarded external walls between oak posts. The former sheds were extended to create an L-shaped property and provided further accommodation.

There were further 2 barns that were used for hay storage with cart sheds. Each barn was then subdivided into two four-bedroom properties, with two barns having cart shed-style accommodation at ground floor level. The appearance of the units had minimal interventions to them, which provided and kept the original barn-style features.

All the dwellings have a pair of 5 bar gates accessing the enclosed courtyards with further garden areas running the slope towards the rear, providing countryside views.