The planning process allows the client to obtain Planning Permission or Planning Consent in order to be allowed to build on land, or change the appearance or use of land or Buildings. We act as agent on behalf of our clients applying for Planning Permission.

We have an excellent knowledge of current national Planning Legislation and local Planning Policy and will ensure that any given project meets therequired design criteria in order to succeed through the Planning process.

We prepare planning drawings after the conceptual drawings are finalised and arrange supporting documents such as Design & Access Statements, Building for Life Reports etc. for planning application.

Applications regularly also require specialist reports such as Flood Risk Assessments, Structural Reports, Tree Surveys etc. which are produced by consultants we have been working with for many years.

There are various types of Planning Application that may be required. Once a planning application is made on your behalf to the Local Planning Authority a decision is normally made with 8 – 12 weeks from the date of the acknowledgment.

We always liaise with the Local Planning Authorities during the planning process in order to maximise the likelihood of a positive outcome for any particular application.